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Westfire Stair Parts

9004TB Double Basket Tubular Steel Baluster

9004TB Double Basket Tubular Steel Baluster

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9004TB 1/2" X 44" Square double basket with one twist tubular metal baluster.

Balusters are shipped 10 pieces to a box

About This Product
The 44 in. x 1/2in. satin black iron baluster is a metal baluster made for interior stair construction or when you need stair parts for remodeling an interior staircase. This stair baluster features an elegant double basket that adds character and style to your stair system. You can even combine options, creating your own sequence of baskets, twists, and plain balusters to craft a unique staircase design. Accent your baluster with flat and angled shoes for added detail, producing a finished look to your stairs that will stand the test of time. These stair balusters can be cut to fit using common metal cutting blades. From stair treads, stair railing, and a complete selection of stair parts, has what you need to make your stairs beautiful.

Condition: New With Box

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